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From: "Chris Jones"
Date: 2006-03-26 21:29:09 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Tasha finally passed on
To: <>

Tasha, my 9 year old, finally passed on yesterday after 4 years with adrenal tumors. I
know she would not have lasted so long if it was not for Lupron and Melatonin
implants. I went in to get her up yesterday for her morning feeding and she was gone.
It was a little weird because she has fought so hard for so long. There have been so
many times I thought she was going to give up and with only a little encouragement on
my part, she would perk back up. It was a little strange because I had to go to training
and be away for three days and she was not doing well while I was gone and poor Chris
was afraid she would die on his watch, but she waited for me to come home and
interacted with me quite a bit the night before she let go. It is a little strange that she
is gone because she fought so hard for so long. She was definitely stubborn and now
that she has finally let go, it is a little surprising. I have had ferrets with me for 11
years and she has been with me since she was a kit of 8 weeks, well over 9 years; I
have 5 other healthy happy ferrets, but she has left a large hole in my heart.

Thank you to all who have provided me support and information on her behalf.


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