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Date: 2006-03-29 04:30:25 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] I need some input on my 5 and a half years old female ferret

Hello everybody,

I live in Canada and I have a 5 and a half years old female ferret.
I took her to my vet two weeks ago as I noticed her being dizzy couple of t=
imes and her yearly exam was due anyway. They did a blood test on her and i=
t turned out that she had a very low blood glucose level. She was put on Pr=
ednisilone twice a day 0.5 ml. Then I took her back a couple of days later =
to have an ultra sound done. They did see something on the pancreas. A coup=
le of days later she had a surgery and they removed a mass which was attach=
ed to the pancreas close to the stomach. Only eight days have passed and sh=
e was due back for a glucose check today. She has been on prednisilone for =
over two weeks(twice daily 0.5ml) When they checked the glucose today it wa=
s very low 1.9mmoles/l (Normal 3.5-11) My vet concernis that there is still=
and active insulinoma in the pancreas. The pathology report shows only nor=
mal pancreas tissue from the small portion. There is most likely a small is=
land of insulin producing cells in the pancreas, but too small in size to b=
e visible through exam or ultrasound(microscopic)
The pathology report came back:
-The removed mass was a distended lymph node with some dead lymph tissue in=
-They say it is beneficial that they removed the mass as it was dead inside=
-The pancreas tissue appeared normal without andy evidence of insulinoma.
My vet plan is
-Double the dose of Prednisilone given twice daily 1.0 ml
-if she can not get the blood glucose to stay in a normal range at the high=
est dosages, then we she will elect to add the sesond medication, Diazoxide=

Anybody would know what is happening or where I could read something about =
this. I am sorry about this long note I am just worried and I would like to=
do the best for her.
Thank you ever so much in advance,
Andrea =




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