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Date: 2006-03-29 22:13:35 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Help for my Louie

Hi anyone/everyone!

This is my first post, so I hope I do it right. My oldest ferret, Louie, who is about 4
1/2 years old, has been experiencing some strange symptoms that my vet can't
solve, so it's up to me I suppose...

For the past year or so, he has had thinning fur on his neck with what looks like
scratches on the skin in that area and slight weight loss. We have cats, but they are
never that rough with the ferrets and my other 2 have never had any markings like
that. My vet chalked that off to season change/molting, but when his summer coat
came in, the situation remained the same. He was on prednisone for awhile, and he
put his weight back on, but his hair remained just as thin, that was almost 6 months
ago. Now he has started to get bumps that look like puncture wounds on his lower
back, a few inches above his tail. My vet chalked those off as pimples and gave me
some ointment which keeps them from getting infected when they ooze, but hasn't
stopped them from coming back. During the beginning of these problems, his tail
was really dry and had what looked like blackheads, this was solved with head &
shoulders and hasn't come back.

As a ferret owner, I am terrified of the thought of adrenal disease, and his
symptoms appear similar, but not quite adrenal. My vet says it's not adrenal and
hasn't had any suggestions as to what the problem might be. My question is firstly,
does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on and secondly, if I were to
ask my vet to run tests, what kind should I be asking for?

She is great with my animals, but my ferret knowledge is much greater than hers
and I haven't been able to find a ferret specialist close enough/affordable enough
for me. If there could be a real issue here, I will have to save up and make the trip,
but I was hoping for some guidance from the ferret community.

Thank you!

Jenn and the NJ fuzzbuckets

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