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Date: 2006-05-16 20:15:45 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] spontaneous internal bleeding? (vet visit)

went to see my dr. Erin has autoimmune, hemolytic anemia and we have no idea why. She's had no trama of any kind, she doesn't have a cage (she lives in a room with her litter mate, Raven, my 6 year old that has had the chronic diarrhea since 3/5) so she couldn't have fallen. all we can figure is either eating lead paint (highly unlikely and she's never been a chewer nor do i think i even have lead paint) or it was an reaction to the albon that I've been giving both of them for coccidia, something that we don't know if we have but we thought we'd try it, thanks to Raven's diarrhea. or, we have no idea. he put her on 1.75ml of pred, twice a day (she's slightly less than 2 pounds and the mix is 5mg/5ml).

I'll look it up in the archives, but when I had a ferret that had this before, it was a death sentence

-becki kain

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