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Date: 2006-07-10 02:13:32 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Findings of Necropsy on Precious Peanut K. 07/09/06

I am numb right now, I can't cry, I can't show anger, I'm sick to my stomach
and now I know who to blame for my Precious Peanut's death.

On June 21, 2006, we took her to our vet, I told him I thought it was a
blockage or partial blockage. He didn't want to make a diagnosis until the results
of her labs came back.

They came back and because she had an extremely high Liver Value (ALT) of
724, he said it couldn't be a blockage and it was definitely her liver. I told
him it wasn't unusual for them to have high liver values from either not eating
or not getting enough to eat. He blew me off like I was some kind of an idiot.

Sure I have ADD, but that doesn't make me stupid! Anyway, as I said in my
earlier emails, we lost her Friday night at 12:25 AM PT.

The vet performed her necropsy this afternoon, she is home, I have pictures
and his notes from the necropsy. I don't want to offend anyone by posting those
pictures to the entire group, but now we know.

Jim is really beating himself up because the vet and him wouldn't listen to
me about a blockage and now my baby is dead. It figured that since the vet was
supposed to be trained to treat ferrets he knew more about them than we did,
he was wrong. I have asked him next time one of the ferrets is ill, to please
back me and maybe we can save the little fuzz head from suffering needlessly.

She may be with me in spirit, but I will never see her weasel war dance
again, or feel her soft whiskery kisses on my face, or have her try to drink my
milk or eat my spaghetti.

She did have a partial blockage, apparently bacteria from the intestines
backed up into her heart and did damage.

So the blockage killed her. If the vet had done an exploratory surgery on the
22nd or 23rd of June, as I had asked him to do, my baby would be well on her
way to recovery. I even called and told them I was sending her in for surgery,
and when my husband got there with her, the vet talked him out of having
surgery done.

I will post some pictures of the object in the Picture Album for CowsMooToo



Necropsy on Precious Peanut K.
July 09, 2006
Performed by Dr. D. M.

Mid line incision through Sternum to Vulva - Lungs Normal - Heart had some
petechia hemorrhagic - Stomach fluid filled - Liver somewhat smaller than normal
- Kidneys and Adrenals normal - Small Intestine hemorrhagic
- Foreign Object found at the junction of the Small and Large Intestine
causing a partial blockage - Large Intestine very small, 1/4 inch in circumference
- Much smaller than small intestines.

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