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From: "miwok34"
Date: 2006-07-13 00:48:44 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] not eating food
To: <>

Lately, my ferret has hardly been eating any of his ferret food.
About the only thing he will eat is Totally Ferret Treats. He is really
starting to get very thin.
I have been giving him some Ferretvite to try to keep a little
weight on him but today when I got home he was skin and bones.
I tried hand feeding him some of his regular Totally Ferret Food but
he only ate a couple of pieces. When I gave him some Totally Ferret
Treats he devoured them as though he were starving even though he
couldn't finish them all off. Any ideas or suggestions? I haven't
switched foods on him lately so I really have no idea of what it can be.
About a month ago he did have blood work to see how his glucose
level and other results were. However, they all came up normal.
Also I could be wrong, but it does seem like he has been drinking a
lot more lately.


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