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Date: 2006-07-14 07:13:45 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Sick ferret...diagnosis of DIM does not fit

Hello, I am posting this for anyone who might see a similarity in another f=
erret case. My ferret is 5 months old and began to seem lethargic on Saturd=
ay, with swelling in his hind feet and walking slow on his hind. He stopped=
eating the following day and had a fever of 103 and I noticed he had a ver=
y increased respiration rate, even when sleeping. Today is 5 days with no c=
hange, except that he is now walking fine, but needs to be force fed, has t=
he same fever of between 103-104.5, lethargic, eyes a bit glazed/watery. Bl=
ood work shows elevated anemic,WBC, low RBC,low HGB,low HCT, low MCH, low N=
eutrophils, High Eosinophils. Liver also showing high ALT of 619, and high =
Alkaline phosphate of 107, glucose at 120. Fecal was only done for ova & pa=
rasite came back negative, ultrasound showed nothing remarkeable. Diagnosed=
with DIM but vet admitted it to be a guess as he was not 100% sure and sen=
t us home with Cepha drops and a pain killer. No change at all. If anyone c=
an see something here which leads them to believe I should be testing for s=
omething else, please let me know and I will have it done. I am having the =
DIM biopsy on Monday but feel this is unlikely since he does not have the s=
ymptoms of pain, he does not eat, his fever does not spike up and down nor =
over 104.5, he does roam around so is not showing a lack of desire to move =
either. =

Thank you in advance for any input or advice. =



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