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From: "Pam Sessoms"
Date: 2006-07-20 15:55:43 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] BD Logic Glucometer - anyone tried it?

Hey all,

I've used the Freestyle glucometer for years. I switched to it soon
after it came out because of its tiny sample size: 0.3 microliters.
I can easily get this amount by using a lancet on tiny ferret toes,
and the ferrets don't even object as long as they have ferretone on
their bellies. For a long time, it was the only glucometer available
that accepted a sample this small. It also will not start to test the
blood until it has a big enough sample, which is great - many
glucometers will start to test without a sufficient sample.

Anyway, recently, I noticed that BD has a new meter that takes the
same tiny sample. It's called the BD Logic:

Has anyone used this, and if so can you please comment on it?

I've noticed (as have others) that the Freestyle meter can give
false-low readings under some conditions. I recently replaced mine
with a new one, and it is much better. The old one seemed to give
false-lows on ferrets with high hematocrits. I didn't do rigorous
testing, this was just an impression that I formed when I had a ferret
get very anemic from surgical blood loss. While she was anemic, the
Freestyle was extremely accurate, but as she recovered and her
hematocrit went back up, the false-lows came back. While my new
Freestyle seems pretty accurate, I'm curious about the BD Logic.

Thanks and best wishes,

-Pam S.

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