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From: "Randy Ferret Aid"
Date: 2006-07-20 22:07:23 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Adrenal/prostate/bladder HELP!!
To: <>

At our shelter, we have a little boy who had adrenal surgery LAST Wednesday.
He was a right gland and a small lobe of his liver had to be removed. We got
the entire right out without having to ligate.

Before going to surgery, we only had "Norbit" for about a week. His symptoms
were hair loss, mounting (sexual behaviour) and spot peeing. We had an
opportunity to have VERY cost effective surgeries done a week later so
Norbit went under the knife.

3 days after surgery, I noticed what I thought was watered down blood coming
from his penis. I rubbed it off with my finger and squeezed and normal urine
came out. I thought he may have been licking himself and got a little raw
and didn't think much about it (BAD shelter mom!!!).

The following day he went into foster. He was very playful and talkative.
The next evening, his foster dad called me to let me know that Norbit kept
backing into corners to try to pee but couldn't. He was very weak and not
eating/drinking. We've seen this many times before pre-surgery, but never
post surgery. We called around to find an open 'ferret vet' and found a new
one not too far away.

The vet was unable to catheterize him so under anesthetic, drained his
bladder with a needle. It was BRIGHT red with blood mixed with urine. X-rays
showed no stones and no crystals could be seen in the urine sample. Once
Norbit was given an IV for 2 days, along with propecia, he eat, drank and
peed normally without blood. He was released from the vet's on Tuesday

This brings us to today. By 7am, Norbit was not eating, not drinking, was
weak and again couldn't pee. We brought him back to a vet who put him on
another IV. Only hours later, he is eating, drinking and peeing (no blood)
yet his prostate doesn't seem to be that enlarged.

Any advice? As I said, we've only seen this pre-surgery, never post except
with an Addison's kid who we could never sort out (even with multiple drug
therapies and surgeries).

I also believe this kid to have coetaneous lymphoma as well.

Miss Randy Melanie Belair
The Ferret Aid Society <>

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