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Date: 2006-07-20 20:08:56 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] ? regarding the safety of ferretone

I have read this on another ferret group, there has been a lot members
stating that ferret tone and other ferret foods that contains this is harmful for
your ferret. This is the first I have herd of it and would like to know is
this true?

Ferretone can cause dry skin from a chemical called BHT.

Chemical additives and artificial preservatives such as BHA, BHT, and
ethoxyquin may cause dry skin, allergic reactions, dental disease, and poor
health, as well as stimulate adverse effects on liver and kidney functions.

Here is the link that will explain more about BHT, BHA and Exothoyquin.

Julie & 14 fuzzbutts
In memory of Sidney & Slinky

[Moderator's Note:


We got something very similar about that same website in the last days of June:

ONLY replies with hard facts will be accepted in response to this post. Those posts
offering only opinions will not be accepted, so will need to instead be sent directly
to the poster. There is always a risk when public conversations center just on
opinions of causing unwarranted panic which can itself be injurious.

Expert comments would be highly welcome on this topic, as are actual studies.
Those seeking actual studies will find places like Pubmed useful in what they
contain and do not contain.]

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