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From: JJ
Date: 2006-07-25 02:27:06 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] new owner

Mine get Purina One,loaded in protein and lots of good stuff.
Watch out for treats!
Most of the treats for ferrets are loaded with sugar which is not good for your babies
at all.
The manufacturers of those products thru complaints are now changing things and
are offering much more healthier treats.Mine get Whisker Lickens or Pounce cat treats
at times.
We also give them Marshalls,an occasionally something called o's they look like um
o's. We get them at the pet store Pets Supplies Plus
Ours get food of 40% protein or higher.
They occasionally get Innova cat or the dog food.i don't suggest giving ferrets dog
food but the portein is 50%! Loads of meat,not filler grain,corn etc.
Jody mom of 20+ fuzzybutts!

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