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From: Lynne Fink
Date: 2006-07-25 04:18:14 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] new owner

Hi New Owner,
We have a small rescue/shelter and we find that ours like Cat Pounce (chicken or tuna
flavor) and Whisker Lickin's (chicken and liver flavor) We only give them 1-2 per day
but it gives them a little treat. If you have chicken for a meal some of them will eat a
small piece of chicken or any other kind of meat that they will eat. Some like human
kinds of meat and some don't. You can also use Ferratone (Furatone, Linatone) all
about the same and are oils that most ferrets like and they have vitamins in them. Ours
also like Petramalt, which is for hairballs and should be given to them at least every 2
weeks and every week during shedding periods.
Hope that helps. At the least it gives you some ideas for treats. Just remember treats
should be given in MODERATION.
Lynne and the brats

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