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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2006-07-27 20:13:55 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] some current press releases which may interest veterinary health professionals

A new and affordable bacterial detection and identification method
from Purdue using scattered laser light which may interest the health
professionals here:

Some air fresheners have in the past been implicated, sometimes
strongly with removal ending the problems, in some respiratory health
problems of domestic ferrets. A current human study might have
relationships to the ferrets' problems; ferrets have been used often
in smoking studies because of similar lung behavior to that of
humans. The abstract at the following URL discusses a chemical
component of such products (some air fresheners, toilet bowl
cleaners, and moth balls) which has been found to have negative
consequences for lung health:

There is a new Medihoney press release, on using medical-treatment-
quality honey for extremely difficult wounds.
>For several years now Bonn paediatricians have been
>pioneering the use in Germany of medihoney in treating
>wounds. Medihoney bears the CE seal for medical products;
>its quality is regularly tested.
This is a topic which has come up before but in relation to regular
honey and ferrets, but this product would be better:

For English:
In German:

-- Sukie (not a vet, and not speaking for any of the below in my
private posts)
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