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Date: 2006-07-28 12:18:24 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Lameness

Hi everyone,
I'm writing about my ferret Pippin. We have been taking him to the vet thi=
s past week b/c he is totally lame on his right hind leg. This started bet=
ween Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon. On Monday we had him out runn=
ing around and he was fine, but Weds he was off his leg. He hobbles a litt=
le bit, he was also quite dehydrated, even though he has free access to wat=
er. We took him to the vet on Weds and they did x-rays and a blood glucose =
test. The BG came back at 3.4, which they said was border line so we were =
advised to come back the next day after fasting him for 4 hours to repeat t=
he BG. The rads showed no broken bones in the legs or hips and the lateral=
view of the spine looked normal. The ventral (vertical) view had some blu=
rriness/graininess in the sacral vertebrae, which the vet thought was proba=
bly from feces in the colon. We gave him some subQ fluids to aleviate the =
dehydration and took him home. Yesterday we repeated the BG and it was 4.3=
, we then did a CBC and it too came back fairly normal, showing slight sign=
s of dehydration and slightly high lymphocytes but overall normal WBC count=
. His lameness seems to have gotten worse, however, and frankly we're stum=
ped. The vet sent us home with 3 days of Metacam, we gave him his first do=
se last night and he seems to have worsened. We've put him in his carrier =
to keep him from running around his cage, it's a medium sized dog carrier s=
o he has room for his litter box and bed and so forth. The only thing I ca=
n think of that might have happened was a fall from his cage, or a bite fro=
m a cage mate. He has a small red dot on the hip that is sore, it doesn't =
look like a puncture, almost like a tiny blood blister. He is also quite t=
hin and bony, we were chalking his loss in body condition up to stress (we =
just moved at the beginning of the month) but now I'm starting to worry tha=
t it's something else. Is there any other tests we should be thinking of d=
oing? Any medications/treatments anyone can think of? I don't understand =
why he's still dehydrated, the cage he is in is small enough for him to eas=
ily reach his water dish. I'm going to call and ask about giving him pedia=
lyte or some such thing, I forgot to ask about it yesterday. Any suggestio=
ns/thoughts would be great.


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