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Date: 2006-08-02 19:09:17 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] My first Fuzzy!

TOTALLY new 2 the world of ferrets...but hooked already! some advice sought=
on the following... what to let Joss play with in her run (she has quite a=
lot of space, approx 3'wide x 4.5'high x 5'length)...i am worried she'll g=
et lonely, and/or stressed, should i get her a friend? Would they get along=
ok? (Joss is probably only 6-8 weeks old) is her run big enough for two/th=
ree ferrets? how should i litter train her? should i flick her nose for bit=
ing too hard? does anyone live in the Dartford/Gravesend area of kent? what=
is a real TREAT for a fuzzy? what should i put on the floor of her run? (S=
he currently has a little wood shavings in a couple of corners)what is the =
reason for her 'tunnelling' through her sawdust with her nose? (she DOES lo=
ok as though she is enjoying herself!) this is all the way along the perime=
ters of her run! she is just SOOOooo cute and cuddly when she starts to dan=
ce! any advice on general upkeep, claw clipping, (e.g. when and how often?)=
etc.etc. would be greatly appreciated...Ben


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