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Date: 2006-08-03 14:19:10 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Research Anal Glands

I was writing an article on the smell of the Ferrets, and it was seeking si=
tes on the anal glands, when I found a research that mentioned that there i=
s estradiol in that gland. E=
stradiol is one of the symptoms adrenal disease.I was curious in knowing mo=
re data on the anal gland, because I already read that in his/her France ex=
traction was prohibited.I know that most of Ferrets has their removed anal =
glands.I would like a lot of knowing if there are indications that Ferrets =
that you/they didn't have their removed anal glands, had an expectation of =
larger life, without the incidence of the adrenal disease.Thank you,Marliht=
tp:// the site please uses a web translator of the Po=
rtuguese's w for English[Moderator's help:Marli uses a web translator and i=
t is not always very clear. The article is:>ESTROGEN DECREASES ATTRACTION T=
arah K. Woodley, Zoe Lieberman, Shirish Satpute, Robert Coulter-Thurley, an=
d >Michael J. Baum>Departments of Biology, Boston University, Boston, MA 02=
215>Introduction>In ferrets, body odors (e.g. those emitted by anal scent g=
lands) are detected by the >main olfactory system and control mate recognit=
ion. We asked whether sex steroid >hormones affect ferrets=A1=AF ability to=
detect or distinguish male and female anal >scent gland odors. We also ask=
ed whether these odors activate specific groups of >glomeruli in the main o=
lfactory bulb....>Results:>Gonadectomized ferrets (no steroid replacement) =
discriminated between high >concentrations of male and female anal scent gl=
and odors.>Conclusion:>Sex steroids are not required for ferrets to discrim=
inate same- from opposite-sex >anal scent gland odors at high concentration=
s.etc.I have only read sections but each seems to indicate that Marli's tra=
nslator may have caused confusion. It looks like it caused her to think th=
at the anal gland secretions contained estradiol whereas in the sections I =
read it looked like they were trying to establish if having circulating est=
radiol in the body increased the ability to detect and understand the scent=
s of the individual who was doing the smelling, but I wll have to read it m=
ore closely to know which is which, but it looks like a very fun article so=
I think that a lot of us will want to read it and perhaps look further as =
time allows.If you have information on descenting vs. not-descenting and es=
pecially if that has endocrinological aspects, it sounds like Marli would a=
ppreciate your response. She noticed that France, for instance, forbids it=
except when infection is present. She wonders, too, if having anal glands=
present may affect adrenal neoplasia rates.Hope this helps clarify what in=
fo is requested.] =

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