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Date: 2006-08-05 16:41:30 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Distemper & Rabies Shots

Author wrote:
> There is recent evidence in both canines and felines that vaccinations are not necessary every year for every pet.

Yes, but the data is lacking in ferrets

Here is some general info I put together for someone just recently on Galaxy-D and Fromme-D:

We personally have used Galaxy but there are some IMPORTANT notes to know:

1. The longer study was the vaccine which led to Galaxy-D that was tested, not Galaxy-D. The tested vaccine was Fromm-D. I used to like Fromm-D and have no idea why they changed it.

Note for any newcomers: don't let the name starting with "F" cause confusion. Fromm-D was from a decent amount of time ago and is NOT the same as the recently discontinued Fervac-D.

There are differences of opinion -- among the experts -- whether this should be used an an indication of a possible similar time frame of effectiveness, because the vaccine changed.

2. Test was for effectiveness of Galaxy-D was for only a matter of weeks so whether it works for a year or longer is still an unknown:
> examination were drawn prior to each inoculation, before challenge
> exposure, and 10, 15, and 21 days after exposure.
and the test was limited to 16 male kits.

3. It IS important to notice that Fromm-D used an old manufacturing process where it was grown in eggs. Almost no vaccines of any type are any longer made this way. It was much more expensive and more likely to cause reactions BUT there had been some excellent studies of other CDV vaccines grown that way (Noted in _Biology and Diseases of the Ferret_ which conferred much longer immunity than vaccines made today to CDV back when ferrets were used as a model animal before dogs were tested. The reason that some current CDV vaccine longer-time frame info exists is because some families stopped vaccinating and ferrets contracted Canine Distemper so...

4. If something like 75% to 80% of the animals in a household are vaccinated there is some protection for animals who have not been vaccinated because the disease can not spread easily. That is also info from a set of studies mentioned in the vet text above.

5. Leaving shoes outside if that is possible helps decrease the risk of spreading CDV and some other diseases to unvaccinated animals.

Personally, I wish that company would do the needed testing on Galaxy.

Here are some intriguing posts and references on vaccines:
(but when the actual article was looked up it was Fromm-D. Quoting Pam Sessoms on how to read that article in full (which hopefully still works):
The full-text of the article about the study appears to be freely
available. If you'd like it, you can go here:
and search the "anywhere in the text" field for:
vaccination of black-footed ferrets
The article should be the first hit (the one from Journal of Wildlife
Diseases from 1996). The PDF for the full article is available.
It may be that now
will work as a direct link to that article but you will need to click manual download.

There is more info in the Archives there and also in the FML Archives (URL in the header of each day's FML)

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