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Date: 2006-08-05 14:52:30 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: My first Fuzzy!

Dear Ben,
Welcome to the world of ferrets, and congratulations on finding places where you can learn how to be the best ferret owner.

At a young age it is usually easier to introduce a new ferret, and Joss will enjoy the company, but you have to be sure that you can afford to keep 2. Ferret vet care is expensive and, as you can see from reading on this list, there are a lot of possible health problems. What is most important is lots of play time with you if she is on her own. If you do introduce another ferret, there will be some fighting as ferret groups always need to have a "head" ferret. If you look in this group history, there is good info about what to watch for.

With regards to playing, ferrets come from an animal family that lived in tunnels and so Joss is likely to enjoy anything that she can dig in or hide in. My bunch love crinkly plastic shopping bags and dryer vent tubes. They also love rubber/latex, but this is NOT ferret friendly. They can swallow pieces and get an intestinal blockage.

Treat wise, what is best for an animal that is a carnivore is meat. Mine like steak or chicken (small pieces, raw or cooked) so you might want to try that. Also, an oil that, in Canada, is called Ferretone. It has some vitamins in it, and you only need to give it a couple of drops at a time, but most ferrets love it.

Anyway, suggested book is great and continuing to read and look for good information is vital. And DON'T FLICK HER NOSE! The more she is handled, and as she grows out of 'teething', this will likely resolve itself. If you do the time out, remember ferrets do not have a long attention span so it only needs to be for 5 minutes.

Best of luck,

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