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Date: 2006-08-06 22:52:10 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Ulcer

Hi Elizabeth,

Our elder ferret also is battling ulcers and seems to slowly be overcoming them. Our main treatment is a combination of carafate and Pepto-bismal before meals. We also administer Pepcid twice daily. He was on a course of Clavamox for about 3 weeks, but that's over now.

One vet we consulted with recommended removing some of the additional medications he had been on, indicating that once they've got an ulcer, the primary concern should be treating the ulcer and gettimg them healed. We added Pepto to the recommended Carafate because despite his dislike for it, it settles his stomach *much* better than the Carafate alone was.

We've been battling this for over 4 weeks now, and he has improved substantially, although he still has bad bouts of grinding periodically. But I'd have to say that the recommendation to focus on curing the ulcer first was a good one. The additional medications were making it worse because of the stress of administering them.

Good luck!

Author wrote:
> I and my vet believe my 6 and a half year old has a gastric ulcer. She has given me tagamet and benebac for him. He has had this problem before and he had antibiotics, tagamet, and oral rehydration therapy. I'm worried that this new vet hasn't given him enough, particularly no antibiotics. Should I go back to try to get them?
> My little boy is quite sick. His diarrhea is a bit tarry in color. He is very shaky and lethargic. His breath stinks and he has been grinding his teeth. Also, he has not eaten at all (other than what I've forced fed him) and his has had very very little water (also trying to force).
> Does anyone have any advice? Should I go to the emergency vet for the anitbiotics?
> Thanks.
> elizabeth

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