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Date: 2006-08-08 04:14:28 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: new sick kit, others now have it.

Sorry about the screwed up format in the columns of the blood work. Not only did *)(&) smartgroups software change the font from my fixed to a variable width, but it also deleted all spaces that were adjacent to another space, thus making it imposable to recover by cuting the the text and puting it in word and changing the font back.

I have sent the file to the mod. here and ask that she put it in the files section as blood_ravroxras.doc (the smartgroup file upload s/w seems to be scewed up as well.)

Sorry for the screw up. I had no idea that the smartgroups s/w would dork my message up so badly. Sorry for the delay as well.

Also, At the time the blood work was done Raven had been on pred for a while but the other two had not.

[Moderator's note: The file is in the Files section at under the file name Al gives above.]

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