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Date: 2006-08-09 11:25:21 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Hair Loss Not Adrenal

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I want to give all =
the pertinant information in the hopes someone has any ideas. My ferret Nos=
ette, rescued Marshall's, approximately 4-5 years old (DOB unknown) is expe=
riencing thinning hair on the abdoment and rump which I am fairly certain i=
s not adrenal related. I can see her skin clearly and it looks like she wil=
l have lost most of her hair within the next 6 months if nothing is done. S=
he has had both adrenals removed, the right as recently as 4/06, the left w=
hen she was around 1-2 yrs old. In 2/06 she had rat tail for about a year (=
but no other symptoms), so I got her the melatonin implant and ran the Tenn=
essee panel. The panel indicated she had adrenal which is why the right was=
frozen/removed (cryosurgery). Besides the adrenal issue, she also suffers =
from IBD and is on 0.5ml Immuran every 3 days. When she was 1-2 yrs old, sh=
e also had splenomegaly and so had surgery to remove her spleen. At that ti=
me they also discovered pancreatic and kidney tumors which they removed. Du=
ring her right adrenal surgery, she had more pancreatic/insulinoma tumors r=
emoved. She has never suffered from any insulinoma related issues or crashe=
d, and her blood levels are generally good whenever tested (except for the =
lipoproteins due to her IBD). So basicly, I'm at a loss. I have not owned f=
errets for that long (less than 5 years) but I do give them the best care I=
can, sparing no expense, and drive 3 hrs to see a ferret specialist vet. I=
am hoping someone who has more experience with ferrets, has experienced th=
is (hair loss not adrenal related) and can help me. If all else fails, I pl=
an on making the trek to the vet for a checkup in the next couple of weeks.=

Thank You,
Moscha & Nosette


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