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Date: 2006-08-10 02:30:32 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Sick Ferret-Advice Please

I was referred to this message board because of a very sick little girl that I just brought home from a shelter. I currently have seven ferrets. Three were brought home last Friday from a ferret shelter.

I am seriously concerned about one of our newest additions. We picked her up from the shelter on Friday night (along with two others), and since we brought her home, she has not eaten on her own, she has been vomiting all day and all night (its been 4 days) and I have not noticed much poo in her box at all. The small amount of poo that is in her cage is very dark and runny. I have been feeding duck soup and pedialyte via syringe several times per day, but she vomits it up as soon as I feed it unless she goes back to sleep immediately after I feed her. I have separated her from the other two that we picked up from the shelter to keep a closer eye on her, and, to my knowledge, she hasn't touched her food or water. I took her to the vet last night, and she was given SubQ fluids and they did a fecal sample which showed that she has roundworm.

I took her back to the vet today for x-rays which showed nothing as far as any hard blockages. If she is not any better after the worming treatment the vet gave her, I am to take her back in tomorrow for barium x-rays. She was given worming treatment (1/4 dose of feline Drontal now and in two weeks). The vet also gave me two doses for the other two ferrets that I brought home with her.

Has anyone here had experience with roundworm in ferrets? I wasn't able to find much on the topic on the internet except that roundworm in ferrets is not very common? Is it possible for the parasite to be transmitted to my other healthy ferrets? Her two cagemates that we brought home seem to be just fine, and all three are still quarrantined from the other babies. Hazel (the sickie) is in a separate cage by herself, and Daisy and Harriet (the other two additions) are in a different cage... all separated from Feasle, Diesel, Slinky and Tank.

I was just wondering if anyone has any advice or any ideas (besides a blockage) of what could be causing her to be so sick? Also is the roundworm is easily transmitted from ferret to ferret or are my others are safe since these three are quarrantined?

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