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Date: 2006-08-10 04:43:43 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] new sick kit, others now have it; ECE?

History: New kid sick since before april. Other two came down with it in Early may. Bird seed stools continue even three months later. Treatments: Amox/Baytril, Amox/Metro/pred, Amox/Metro/pred(2nd), Amox/Biaxin/pred, Albon/pred, Albon/pred(2nd).

I am starting to think about the possibility that the guys had multiple infections.... and what I am now left with is recovery from ECE.

My vet has always dismissed ECE as a possibility primarily because none of the three ferrets ever showed any changed in activity level or food intake. She says that this would not happen if a ferret got ECE... and that it certainly would not happen to all three ferrets. Besides poo problems the only other observable problem is coat coarsening (older two) and occasionally mild dehydration (sub-q never required to address it.)

Can I get a sanity check on her view? I welcome all those that have knowledge, but my vet is going ignore info that is not backed up by a vet or a book.


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