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From: Lynne Fink
Date: 2006-08-10 16:21:27 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Sick Ferret-Advice Please

First off - I am not a vet.
Is it possible that your little one could have an ulcer? Maybe you could check with the
vet about giving her carafate 1/2 -1 hr before feeding?I don't know if it would hurt her
if that is not the prob so I would check with the vet first but if she has had problems
where she was before you got her it could be a reason why she is vomiting.
Good luck with her and am sending hugs and prayers that she is better soon.
Lynne and the brats wrote:
I am seriously concerned about one of our newest additions. We picked her up from
the shelter on Friday night (along with two others), and since we brought her home,
she has not eaten on her own, she has been vomiting all day and all night (its been 4
days) and I have not noticed much poo in her box at all. The small amount of poo that
is in her cage is very dark and runny. I have been feeding duck soup and

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