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From: "Uli"
Date: 2006-08-15 09:57:40 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Strange blood glucose readings
To: "FHL" <>

My Spike, 4 years old, neutered, has been showing symptoms of low blood
glucose every now and again. He gets fed (raw ground chicken, no carbs) at=

9 a.m. and then gets out for exercise with his group at 9.30 and he will
often show signs of low blood sugar, hind end weakness, if it gets bad a
wobbly gait and then he'll eventually fall over. So I did his blood glucos=
4 hours after food and it was 70.2 mg/dl. This morning I had Spike in the
garden because he likes being out and after half an hour he suddenly became=

very weak and wobbly so I tested his blood glucose again and it was 28.8
mg/dl. While I feel that this must be insulinoma, I don't understand how
his blood glucose can stabilise so well once he has had a rest. I take it
both the digestion starting and the exercise use up fuel so will lower the
blood glucose and then his food gets digested when he sleeps after his time=

out and gets the blood glucose back up but I still wonder about such a huge=

difference... Is that normal? With a value of 28.8 I would assume the
insulinoma is very advanced but then I wouldn't expect to see it at 70.2...=


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