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From: "Uli"
Date: 2006-08-15 12:11:25 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Cardiomyopathy and low blood glucose
To: "FHL" <>

When I realised that my Spike may have insulinoma, I wondered about Gremlin=

She is 7, neutered, and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy about 13-14 month=
ago. She has been on 0.5mg Enacard since and liquid paediatric Frusemide
because I found it easier to dose. She now gets 4mg Frusemide morning and

She has been weak, lying down after a few steps so I thought to myself it
would be bad if I put all her symptoms down to heart disease when they coul=
possibly be due to low blood glucose. So I tested her, her blood glucose
was 63mg/dl on Sunday, I can't remember how long after her food but
yesterday after a 4 hour fast it was 55.8 mg/dl. Now the question is, does=

she have insulinoma or could her liquid Frusemide cause this? The
ingredients are =

40mg Frusemide per 5ml, also contains ethanol (10%v/v), sodium hydroxide,
cherry flavour (containing propylene glycol), liquid maltitol, disodium
hydrogen phosphate, citric acid monohydrate and purified water.

I never wondered about the ingredients before and now feel bad that I have
been giving this to her for so long as the ingredients don't sound good to
me... But the maltitol got me worried because I know the xylitol will caus=
low blood sugar in dogs and maltitol sounds similar so I thought I ask. I
did search online for info but didn't find any. I will go to the vets now
and get Frusemide tablets... Then see whether the blood glucose improves.
But what if it is insulinoma and she needs prednisolone because isn't pred
bad for cardiomyopathy because it makes the body retain water (if I remembe=


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