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From: "Nelli"
Date: 2006-08-11 09:37:24 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] melatonin Q again
To: <>

I'm sorry to be long but have a few questions that I'm uncertain of...
1. As I read, melatonin has a side effect that causes most ferrets to sleep
a lot during the first 3-5 days. We've been giving 1,5 mg in tablet for four
days now at 8 hours after sunrise, and I don't see any change in activity.
Can it mean it's not working or is it normal, too?

2. Our boy has been diagnosed to be adrenal, but the UH showed no difference
from normal, and both glands appeared to be the same in size and shape. Our
vet wouldn't like to open him up now, as he's afraid he might not see any
diference either. We agreed to have regular check-ups (I guess blood test an
UH) and in case of any change, he can go for surgery. How often is it
recommended to have these check-ups?

3.I'm also afraid whether it's a good idea to wait for any change. Is it
possible that the size and the shape of glands would never change that could
be seen with ultrasound?

4. I'm looking for a company, shop, contact or whatever in Europe where I
could buy melatonin implant from, since it's not available here, only
tablets. I'll soon start working again, which means this "8-9 hours after
sunrise" is going to give me a lot of headache. It would be a great help if
someone could tell where it's available?

Thanks a lot,

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