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Date: 2006-08-16 13:02:16 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Viscous liquid and scented evil

Yesterday something happened very strange with Ferret of one of my friend Paula.

Marylu is a female sable - born in 12/07/03, and it is of Marshall Farm.

My friend always travels to I work and every 15 days their clue ferrets in my house,
and besides ete weekend they were in my house and her was well.

But yesterday, my friend I tied counting that was to the pc, and the ferrets were
sleeping, Marylu woke up afraid, it was towards the bathroom did defecating
difficult (green poop) and she left dragging the inferior part, she was looking
noticed that there was a certain swelling in his anus but soon it was expelled, an I
liquidate viscous, almost an oil, of an unbearable smell and after that the swelling

I really never knew about any similar case in Ferrets that had their removed anal
glands, and the only thing that we can suppose is that maybe the anal has been
removed partially and with the years she has if regenerate.

I would like to know some of you knows of some similar case and some suggestion
is had on the case. I know several links that speak about problems in the annals in
males as the Prostate Disease.

I recently post the where she wanted to collect more data on the anal glands, and I
hardly obtained answers, if they know of links, pictures or videos that explain how
the anal gland is, as it is made her removal, I would like to know.

Thank you


[Moderator's Note: Marli uses an on-line translation program which tends to do a
very poor job.

The anal scent glands are not related to prostate disease, I think that the word
prolapse is what is desired there, maybe.

This sounds like she boards this ferret while the friend is at work, that recently the
ferret became agitated and then passed green feces with difficulty and dragging.
After this there was a swelling at or of the anus, followed by the release of a foul
smelling oily liquid.

>From this, it seems like information on anal gland infections, or on GI infections
such as the recently discussed ECE may be appropriate.

If there is more information from the translation to help people help Marli, please,
add it, and please, send replies.]

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