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Date: 2006-08-17 16:09:40 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Heart blockage and possible insulinoma

I have a 5 yr old female, Missy, that I have been treating with prednisolone (0.4 mg
BID) for the last two months due to the possibility of insulinoma. She had been
lethargic and had glucose in the 70s a few times. Never any lower than that though,
hence the reason I say possible insulinoma. We were also considering the possiblity
of heart problems, given that she had an arrhythmia. We decided to see how the
pred would work before putting her through the barage of heart tests. Last night
Missy couldn't walk well. Her back legs just didn't want to hold her up. I gave her
maple syrup (in case of seizure) and took her to the e clinic. Vet said she had no
signs of hypoglycemia (way too wiggly and wild to get blood) but her heart was all
over the place. She was "dropping beats" based on her EKG. The vet told me it was a
blockage, from either metabolic issues, or cancer. The vet said she was stable for
the night, and to bring her to my regular vet in the morning. This morning she still
was stumbling really bad and was very lethargic. She is at the regular vet now for
xrays, ultrasound, and bloodwork. Her CBC was normal about two months
do you think it is necessary to run one again? I would hate to put her through the
stress if it isn't needed. She also had a chest rad two months ago and that looked
normal as well. If this is a blockage from something other than a tumor, what type
of meds can be used to help this? Sorry for the long post, and thank you in advance
for any advice and well wishes.

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