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From: "zoosferretsanctuary"
Date: 2006-08-12 15:03:58 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Lupron via subcutaneous injection
To: <>

This is the only method we have ever used.

We do the four month injection--and we have found it to last longer than that! We
dilute 2 mg. with 1 cc of warmed lactated ringers.We inject it in the scruff. Have
never had a problem. They don`t even cuss at us!!

We have 19 adrenals here, & our lupron babies are outlasting the ones who had
surgery. We have used it for four years now, with wonderful results.

We have never had a case of a male on lupron experiencing a urinary blockage. Most
(not all--but MOST) re-grow a nice coat. The itchiness subsides. The bullying stops.

People who come visit our sanctuary cannot pick out the sick ones in a play group.
(With the exception of three, who never re-grew their fur, due to other problems.)
Many of ours are very old.

Except for the cost, we view this as a miracle drug.

Love, Zoo

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