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Date: 2006-08-17 21:19:51 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Update on Sick Ferret

Hard news is what I got shortly after arriving to my vet's office with Siss=
y on Monday morning. We were treating her for Gastric ulcers. It seemed s=
he had put on weight but as my vet picked her up off the scale I saw her fa=
ce change. She immediately took sissy in for another xray. The news was a=
bout as bad as it gets. The true culprit to her illness was juvenile lymph=
oma. I had to do the right thing for her at that point, which naturally, w=
as the hardest. I had to say a final good bye to my baby girl. It's been =
4 days and I still find myself crying. I'm keeping a close on on Rikki and=
Slick and it seems Rikki is keeping a close eye on me. So far if either o=
f the boys are suffering depression it is mild. Rikki generally will "sear=
ch" the room for her once a day. It is so hard. My husband and I will get=
another female eventually. She was the ring leader of the trio. She kept=
those boys in line when it suited her purpose <gentle grin>. She was our =
1st baby and she weaseled herself straight to our hearts and we are one hoo=
ked-on-fuzzies family. My family has endured the loss of 5 pets since the =
end of january. 3 pet rats to cancer, our 11yr old cat to a blood clot whi=
ch went to her hind quarters, and our 15 yr. old beagle/terrior, Jethro to =
old age. Those losses were so difficult but hers had been the hardest. Sh=
e weasled her way straight to our hearts and firmly implanted herself there=
. Such a joy was she. She is greatly missed. =



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