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Date: 2006-08-18 06:46:55 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Melatonin Implant Setback?

I have a 7-1/2 year old female ferret with adrenal disease. She was over 90% bald when I stumbled across melatonin implants and immediately found a vet that would administer them. She received her first one in March 2005 -- her hair grew back entirely within 2 months and her coat looked fully than ever. I was so excited!

She just received her fifth implant in July 2006. I noticed soon after a lot of hair loss -- in clumps and excessive shedding. She also developed brownish patches down her back and tail where the hair was out, or about to fall out. The hair that fell out sometimes contained dried up clumps of skin on the ends. Also, the hair is very oily in these spots.

She was getting the implants every 4 months like clockwork, that is, until this latest one, which worked out to be approx. 18-1/2 weeks. I am wondering if because the implant was delayed, could she be experiencing a setback, which would possibly explain the hair loss, or do I have a bigger problem on my hands due to these brown spots? The spots are not clearing up on their own and her hair loss, especially on her tail, has recently worsened. I don't know if the symptoms are related?

Otherwise, she appears to be a healthy ferret -- eats, sleeps, poops and plays normally.

Thanks so much for any advice!
Sheryl (and Kwan)

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