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Date: 2006-08-21 14:02:22 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: weird, red thing protruding....

It sounds like she is going into a false estrus from the adrenal disease. If you do not correct this she seems more likely, given the swollen vulva also being present to go into aplastic anemia, which is a nasty and needless way to die when treatments could be effective.

She NEEDS treatment: surgery, Suprelorin Depot, or Lupron Depot and melatonin implant.

Sadly, doing well short term and being a bit hyper from the increase in hormonal output does not equate to good good term results.

It is also perhaps possible that adrenal related vulvar swelling has caused enough irritation to cause an epocrine cyst or tumor, though that is much, much less likely.

Quoting Dr. Bruce Williams to help get across why it is so important to provide treatment for these ferrets:

>I think that Melissa and Sukie have covered the dire
>possibilities very well (and they are very real.)

>However, even under the best conditions, when there
>is no malignancy, there is no bone marrow toxicosis,
>there is no prostatic cystic disease - even the most mild
>prediction is a sad one. Ferrets with adrenal disease
>have a diminished quality of life - they have progressive
>muscle loss, low grade anemia, they tend to redistribute
>weight to the abdomen, further making it difficult to walk,
>they have an increased incidence of gastric ulcers as a
>result of the stress of chronic illness, decreased bone
>density - none life-threatening, but all life-compromising.
>Even medical treatment, which is not my preferred way
>of treating adrenal disease, gives slight releif to
>symptoms. Doing nothing is not kind and not in a ferret's
>best interest.

-- Sukie (not a vet, and not speaking for any of the below in my private posts)
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