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Date: 2006-08-22 20:01:42 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Purevac backordered until 1/1/07!

I've mentioned this problem a few times over the past couple of months but I've not
heard any response from the ferret community in general about this problem. The
FervacD last of production expires this month. Merial sent 10 vaccines of our order
of 50, plus let us know that the Purevac is backordered until AT LEAST the first of
the year. ?!?!?! Of course as a shelter operator this is terrifying, since we'll not be
able to vaccinate any of our critters for 4 months or more. What are you other
shelters and vets doing, just going without for now? Have you laid in enough supply
to cover the gap?

We timed our ordering of vaccines pretty well; that is, we used what we ordered of
the FervacD through this month (no other option). But since the Purevac only has a
shelf life of about 5 months in total, we couldn't order too many, or too far in
advance. Now we have 10 to vaccinate the recent arrivals, and absolutely nothing
going forward. I'm sure we CAN'T be the only shelter in this situation...???

Any information/advice would be appreciated!

Motor City Ferrets

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