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Date: 2006-08-23 05:07:23 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] How many insulinoma surgeries should one have ?

Well Bob went to the new vet today and he didn't sound like he would be in a hurry to
do surgery. He tested Bob's Glucose. It was 29, so he gave him some karo syrup and
water. He gave me the prescription that I went there for "Diazoxide". Boy was I
surprised when the pharmacist told me it would be $200.00 Now I am really hoping it
will work. I am sure we will have to make a surgery decision soon. The vet said Bob has
2 masses in his lower abdomen. He said it could be fatty masses or scar tissue. Said it
was too far down to be his pancreas. He started referring to this as cushings disease,
when they start talking about how similar dogs and ferrets are when they have
cushings, I lose faith in the Doctor. They aren't similar are they ? I have had so much
bad luck with Vets regarding Ferrets. I tend to know more than they do just by reading
these posts for the past 10 years. I
Gina Bourret Balcuns

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