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Date: 2006-08-24 14:23:55 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth]Re: melatonin Q again

Found it! The manufacturer of these implants is Neo-Dynamics. I suspect
because they manufacturer the implant for the farming of Mink for fur
(slaughter is built into this), they would not want the exposure in the ferret
community. It could be the case that Melatek was even formed by someone very
closely related to Neo-Dynamics due to the fact that they have black-balled any
attempt I have made at getting access to the implants. Melatek simply renamed
Neo-Dynamics' mink fur melatonin implants called Prime-X as Ferretonin to
market to the ferret community. The disturbing part of this is that the Prime-X
implants are dramatically less expensive than the Ferretonin implants even
though they are the same exact thing. This is all about someone wanting to
make a buck.

[Moderator's Note: Neo-Dynamics can not afford the high administrative costs of
selling many small lots year-round which add to the cost of the product, rather than
a few large lots only seasonally. Also, the mink implants do not have the sterile
delivery that the ferret ones do. I forget the exact difference, but think that it is that
the mink farmers just reuse the same large bore needles many times for the mink,
whereas the melatonin has one-use only individual needles or a bore not commonly
otherwise used. This, too, adds to the expenses of the company, though possibly
less than the labor costs undertaken by Melatek. There are past posts in the FHL
Archives in
with more information]

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