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From: <>
Date: 2006-08-18 21:05:21 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] enlarged spleen

We took in a rescue with a VERY enlarged spleen a few months ago. It was removed in June. Her spleen was 8 ozs, 1/4 of her body weight! It had been split almost completely in half and healed into almost 2 seperate slpeens. Our vet couldn't believe she had lived through the injury and not have bled to death. This little girl started eating the second day after her surgery and ate for the rest of the time she was kept seperate while recovering from the surgery. She actually weighed more 10 days after the surgery than she did before the 8 oz. spleen was removed! Now that she is active, she stays at 1 lb, 12 ozs.
Is Bianca eating much? The spleen may be pressing on her abdoman and causing her not to be able to eat much. She sounds uncomfortable, not moving around much. If your vet feels she would handle the surgery well, I advise go for it.

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