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From: "Nelli"
Date: 2006-08-22 09:53:00 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re:Re: melatonin Q again
To: <>

Holly, probably some letters got lost. :) I wrote one and a half mgs/day.
And that's what worries me, that I don't see any change in his activity,
he's still lively, runnin up and down, playing, eating well, etc. as much as
he used to before starting giving him melatonin, or this whole adrenal
I expected at least some sleepiness.

Tony, thanks a lot I contacted them


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From: <>
> Nelli,
> Did I read your post correctly? You are giving 5 mg daily? > The
> ferret will be extra sleepy the first few days after starting
> melatonin, especially if you have gotten the implant.

[Moderator's Note: I think that it was just a difference in use of terms. In the U.S.
one point five (one and a half)
we typically use a dot and write
but there are other parts of the world where a comma is used instead of a dot so
that the same amount would read

I think that people who were used to only the dot and had never seen the use of a
comma instead read the original post like this

1 [pill of], 5 mg [strength]

whereas others wonder about each option, since there have been studies using 5
mg levels so perhaps the treating vet had read those and used them for a guideline

BTW, because dots or (to a lesser extent) commas are easily missed when a person
is giving a fraction of a unit, such as one quarter, it strongly makes sense to write
either version with a leading zeros, for example, as 0.25 rather than .25 so that the
decimal will not be missed. We all know what we mean when we write, but it is easy
to forget that anyone can miss a tiny punctuation mark, and that not all list
members have normal vision.]

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