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Date: 2006-08-31 15:51:39 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Boosting red cells

Ah, you will find the archives at

to be helpful with both questions!

It is important to mention use fo the Archives now because if people are not postiing on the web instead of by email and are not reading on the web instead of by email then the delays between initial writing and appearance have been as long as 12 days, though usually about 6 days. (Orange, which recently bought Smartgroups, has not replied to us about this but in their general website they mention huge amounts of spam mail as the cause again.)

For the Epogen ones, for example, an initial search of the FHL Archives looking for posts containing


from just one expert list member


brings up 11 posts:
of 133 posts
because the Archives shows at your left side which address a post came from, and because many vets reflect in their addresses that they are vets, and because long time members get used to whom they enjoy reading from their regular digest readings you can pick and choose which ones you click open. The instruction on use are right on the main page and it is safe to play around with variations on your search.

More vet input:

When anemia presents it is important to find if there could be another reason behind anemia and tackle that if present, as well as finding the type of anemia. Do NOT assume it is connected to that spleen coming out a year and half ago.

There are a number of possible causes and different types of anemia; Examples: adrenal growths that need tackling are often cited causes, exposure to the wrong pesticides has been a cause set, kidney disease can be to blame, etc.

There is info in the archives on giving transfusions to ferrets because they have one blood type so a large male donor ferret is usually used. There is even info in the archives on how to provide a marrow transplant for a ferret but that is *not* a last-minute procedure:

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