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From: JJ
Date: 2006-08-29 00:51:18 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] What happened anyone know???
To: Adopt a ferret <>, Ferret Health List <>

Our ferret Toby had a ultra sound showing nothing really,but they think there might be something up with his intestines,and want to do a exploratory.Possible lymphoma?
Toby was weighted at just a hair over a pound,we syringe feed him A/d and Ensure and water.
Today my hubby got Toby out of the cage so we could give him his cartafate (3 on the syringe),then a bit later his pred (3 on the syringe) and he wouldnt swallow the carafate and was kinda limp,my hubby was lightly rubbing his throat and trying to get him to respond.He was limp,my husband thought he died,so he did CPR (the best he could figure out how) ((he was careful)).We even tried Karo syrup,on his gums.
And Tobys breathing was VERY shallow,and his heart was beating very faint,my husband held and rocked him and later put him in a pouch in his cage,cuz we sleep during the day.
Well i couldnt sleep and i went in there thinbking he passed away,but I looked in the pouch and he looked at me !!!
His before unseeing eyes were now looking at me!!! He was like comatose before and now was holding his head up looking at me yawning,Can you please tell me WHAT HAPPENED???
Thank You

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