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Date: 2006-09-16 21:23:42 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Hair regrowth with melatonin


I have a 7 year old jill who has gradually lost most of her hair throughout the year.

I have been to the vets numerous times but they are not very ferret knowledgeable and basically do not want to treat her for adrenal disease based on symptoms alone. (hair loss and itching being the main 2). Even if they would, treatment in the UK is limited and the vets did not want to go down this route.

I have been giving Honey melatonin orally for about 2 months now. she now has lovely thick hair growing back on her tail. It grew from the very tip slowly back to the base where it seems to have stopped.

Is this the normal pattern of hair regrowth with melatonin or adrenal ferrets in general? It doesn't seem to be growing in very well anywhere else and has stopped about 1cm from the base of her tail.

Does this mean she needs more melatonin? She is currently on 1.5mg per day. Even if I could get the implant in the UK I think she would be too small to use it (575g) so unfortunately this isn't an option.



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