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From: <>
Date: 2006-10-03 02:22:42 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] chronic cholangeohepatitis

Hey, all. Haven't been on here much lately due to my crazy schedule (working 35 hr/week while back at school fulltime doing the science prereqs for vet school!). My Miss Daisy, the walking case study, has developed chronic cholangeohepatitis over the last year, probably secondary to a biliary duct blockage and resection last year. She has a history of insulinomas, biliary duct resection, removal of an undifferentiated pancreatic nodule, bilateral adrenalectomies, chronic and intermittent UTIs (her kidneys were small and pitted on exploratory), her liver wasn't as pretty as it could be (obviously) and she gets a fair amount of mast cell tumors that mostly come and go (she's had two removed-both benign).

She is currently on 0.1mg pred PO every other day-she's only been on pred for about a month (i.e her CH started before pred therapy); it was started as part of her post-second-adrenalectomy protocol and had to be restarted after she was tapered off of it b/c of the most recent insulimoma unmasking post second adrenalectomy; she is also weaning off fludrocortisone, and is on 0.025mg PO every other day. Otherwise, she is doing super-seriously, as long as we've been maintaining her pred these days, she is active and eating and happy; BG three hours post eating recently was 71.

Anyhoo, I can get bloodwork numbers for interested parties, but am looking for anyone with experience with this; there's really not much in the way of literature about this in ferrets. We are thinking about starting SAM-E protocols or other drug therapies to help with the liver stuff and the chronic UTIs.

Any help would be appreciated!


-April AC, vet tech, and her vet cohorts

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