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Date: 2006-10-05 15:46:11 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Administrative Note RE: ferret with large leg tumor, possible calcium growth

Author wrote:

> I posted a similar post on a different group/list and I got a lot of emails from people
> who claim that I am a horrible person for posting this info before my ferret dies. So
> if you are not interested in learning more about this, please don't contact me. I
> really am not a morbid person, I love my ferret Petey, but if his death can help other
> ferrets, I'm more than willing to share the info with others.

This poster is doing a WONDERFUL THING!

Despite the fact that thinking about her dear ferret's mortality is painful she has arranged for knowledge to be gained when that happens.

Her marvelously caring action will help other ferrets in the future because it will add to the veterinary knowledge base.

Do you realize that at one university which DOES have a ferret pathology research group as well as a dog one that only one ferret specimen comes in for every thousand dog specimens? This happens even when the researcher request specimens for free further work. For instance, earlier this year there was a suspected recurrent (treatment resistant) variant of a certain parasite. At least a half dozen homes and shelters which were directly contacted had ferrets die. The researchers doing free work to try to understand the disease had only one person provide a stool sample but it did not contain the parasite. This was a free opportunity to save lives, but it was not taken.

Increasing the knowledge base by doing pathology is one of the most important things the ferret community can do. This is a gift to us all.

I want to thank this poster. Her choice to learn what to do before her ferret passes away could help a ferret in the future. It may be one of ours, or it may be one of any of the members here.

By now if anyone hasn't gotten the hint: our rules forbid harassment, and it would be especially tragic for an already hurting person who is helping all to be treated in that fashion.

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