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Date: 2006-10-06 19:16:54 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: live care of a ferret

Author wrote:
> I'd like to know everything can help me with my little ferret. I lost two of them and now I have another one just arrived. How long is their life? How can I feed her? Which kind of food I have to give her? Please ef somebody can help me and my little ferret I will be very gratefull! Thanks a lot!

It sounds like you need a number of basic care tips.

If not, please, forgive me, but your post reads that way to me.

Ours usually live to be from late in the 7th year to middle in their 8th year, but some go longer and some shorter.

A good book to start with is _Ferrets for Dummies_. Much of the health info there is out of date now but the basics are excellent. A lot of us with decades of ferret experience have it among the texts on our shelves.

Ferrets magazine is good for those at all levels of expertise. The latest issue has a fine article on what to expect of a vet visit.

Do you have a ferret vet? If not here are a few options (some outdated but the first three are strong if in the areas covered): (shelters and the vets they use) (UK vets) (British Columbia vets) (California-specific) (California) (Specialists anywhere)
You can also ask regional clubs, look in magazines, and do Google searches.

Other places for finding health and behavioral info as well as more: (click open the critical references) (for posts in general and for carried over vet posts when that has been okay look for "from FHL" in subect line and [the illness or symptom or body part] in content, and sukie will be in the from line)

Are you feeding a good ferret food?

Are you avoiding vegetable, grain, or fruit based treats as much as possible? Remember that like dogs and cats ferrets can suffer kidney failure from too many raisins (and the number may be lower than previously thought -- see the latest issue of Ferrets magazine for the vet article on the topic) and a number of fruits and veggies can cause blockages.

Are you providing a lot of complete darkness?

Is water always available?

Do the ferrets get many hours of exercise each day?

Have you ferret-proofed your home?

Have you tested for ADV?

Do you provide needed vaccinations?

Do you know that a number of OTC pest treatments/preventions can cause marrow to fail in ferrets?

What symptoms did the two have? How old were they?

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