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Date: 2006-10-06 20:15:33 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Weight loss update

I don't know if I should fume away or laugh. What I do know is I have not =
felt such overwhelming relief in a very long time. My Rikki is perfectly f=
ine! No need for a blood test or any other test. When I had him in for a =
check up in May it was him and our beloved Sissy (we hadn't gotten Slick ye=
t). I also had to bring along my Jethro (he was a 15 yr. old beagle/terrio=
r) because his health seemed to be failing..anyway she wrote down the weigh=
ts of Sis and Rik and then checked out Jethy, the news was congestive heart= the appointment ended on a tough note. Somehow the weight she=
had rik at got changed. It should have read 2lbs. 7oz. but someone wrote =
a 3 over it. Which we figured out today. She gave him a good looking over=
and her conclusion is he is in fine health. His stool sample is normal et=
c. So at 2lbs 8oz he gained some weight. She didn't do any charging for t=
he visit and I had Nina with me for her 1st rabies and she absorbed that ch=
arge as well. She felt horrible, yet very relieved. I'm just happy. I'm =
still trying to get over the fact that these little ones (we call ours Yitt=
les) can have such a tremendous impact on me. They truley are more like ac=
tual kids to me than pets, and I have 2kids of the human variety! Thanks s=
o much again for the advise and what not. =

Rikki, Slick, and Nina Yittle
In Memory of the forever beautiful Sissy Yittle


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