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Date: 2006-10-09 02:22:50 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Help

Yes, its in her mouth,its about the size of a BB,its looks to be where our tonsils are, its
not red at all,,just yellow and no its doesnt look like it has a head on it,,no swelling
anywhere and i checked it today and its seems to have gotten a lil bigger,,it does
seems to make her cough more than usual and her sneezing has gotten more
frequent,,but shes always sneezed alot,shes playful very active just like a kit would be
and shes eating very well and i give her vitamins in her water as well and she gets a
bath about every other friday and if i take her out shes always in my husbands or my
arms,,,....any info you have would be appreciated thank you
Author wrote:
> Do you mean inside her throat or in her skin on the outside? I am asking because
"pimple" is usually used when skin things are talked about. How large? Where? Red?
Is there anything that looks like a head on it? If so, what color? Swellings elsewhere?
Any other symptoms?

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