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Date: 2006-10-09 19:14:54 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] an abstract: Asthma


Curr Pharm Des. 2006;12(25):3175-94. Links
Current animal models of bronchial asthma.

Kurucz I, =

Szelenyi I.
Department of Immunopharmacology, IVAX Drug Research Institute, Berlini u. =
47-49, Budapest, Hungary H-1045.
Human asthma is on the rise worldwide. The necessity to develop effective t=
reatments against it requires an organized effort which covers every aspect=
of the disease from the pathological alterations via the genetic backgroun=
d to the use and development of active remedies. In these processes animal =
experiments have served an indispensable role. As asthma is not a natural d=
isease in the animal kingdom the variety for artificially established anima=
l models is quite wide. The possible selection ranges from the laboratory m=
ouse to the horse, it includes ferret and sheep and even favorite pets such=
as cats and dogs. The large number of the models indicates that to some ex=
tent they might not be appropriate or it means that there is no generally a=
ccepted model of human asthma. Whatever the reason for this diversity anima=
l models helped us to understand the detailed pathogenesis of some aspects =
of the disease, they helped us to develop compounds which are more active t=
hen previously used ones, and these models proved to us that human asthma i=
s a unique, possibly species-specific disease the eradication of which requ=
ires a huge effort. This enormous task should include the collaboration of =
the clinical and basic research for the development of improved, advanced a=
nimal models, which in turn could strengthen our understanding about human =


(Long ago we had one ferret who used to get asthma and we called her Benedr=
yl "chest fix". If she was suffering then she would respond with enthusias=
tic nose bumps and kisses when asked if she wanted "chest fix". It made he=
r sleepy but gave her relief. There are newer approaches now.)


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