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Date: 2006-10-20 16:28:47 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: missing the litterbox and crying

You may have both with adrenal problems right now but it sure sounds like Malcom is having an ADRENAL problem with secondary prostate difficulties. He needs a vet appointment right away.

You will want to read a number of these, but to start scroll down to the prostate ones:

Here are some basics. Note that some ferrets have only one symptom. Some may have no symptoms until a complication appears. Others will have multiple symptoms.

>From a ferret vet:
and there are more at that site, including some excellent ones by Mike Janke with review by ferret vets.

>From the FHL Archives (which can be linked to from our home page by clicking on the bold text mentioning archives):
>From vets:
(each also contains important complications info)
(notice why it is not Cushings)
(untreated adrenal disease and why it is not fair to fail to treat)
(Old, but may have some info you need. Since then have your vet look into the vet journal articles of Dr. Nico Schoemaker, too.)
(another study which will produce an article worth reading if it hasn't already)

>From others or a combo and worth reading:
(Notice the importance of providing enough complete darkness for ferrets, esp. those who have been neutered. Try for around 14 hours being available in each 24 hour period. Sleeping boxes and other places to escape light help greatly. In just recently released studies amber light has the least effect on reducing the melatonin the body itself produces, whereas blue is the worst light for that disruption with green also bad, so if you need to use a dim bulb for some reason try amber for those times but do provide places to escape light. Notice that many white lights, plus monitors and tv screens are heavy on blue wave length components.)
and there is a lot more in the archives

Be sure to see also:
(why to not use the 24 Lupron)
to start off.
Some complications info you hopefully won't need:
(also mentions Vetalog)
Related anemia:

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