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Date: 2006-10-25 18:27:27 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Ferret with ulcers not doing very well

So you feel that the medication schedule is correct in not giving the carafate 15 - 20
min before feeding/medicating?

I actually used to use the regular pink, non-compounded liquid carafate. I recently
moved, and my surgery vet has become my regular vet. My previous regular vet
prescribed the pink liquid, and that's what we've used every time before this week.
Come to think of it, Cheeba was showing improvement until I started giving him the
compounded carafate. (started meds thurs PM, started new carafate Mon PM, was
using regular pink liquid before that) I will have to pick up the regular carafate.

I will check out those other posts, thank you! And thank you for your response, I
appreciate it.

Author wrote:
> Carafate NEEDS a time between it and food to work its best.
> It also NEEDS to be separated from medications because it can interfere with
some being absorbed.
> In humans it was in recent years found that these spaces in time need to be
longer in us than previously thought.
> Your vet is using a medication combination that has been used for Helicobacter
mustelae. H. mustelae infections often underlie ulcerations.

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