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Date: 2006-10-27 18:20:20 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] swelling above the left side nose

Nahum had have some appointmnents with his new vet Dr [Name removed as per =
FHL rules on treating vets and treating hospitals for discussed ferrets]. T=
he first one the 24 October for the first consultation where she took a blo=
od sample. Nahum had fever : 40.1 ... All the day after for Xray, draining =
pus, and try to remove the broken fang. Yes Nahum has broken his fang when =
he was 1 year old. Now he is 3=BD years old. Another appointment yesterday =
for check up and injection of morphin for pain...The all story now, (not al=
l for the best):So it was a long day. Nahum had a "feilure" with his poor l=
ittle heart. The heart became slow, also the vet DR stoped the anestesia, =
and wasn't able to remove the broken fang. She started to remove it, but th=
e tooth was well attached, and she didn't have the time to remove it. She h=
ad clean the bump. It was pus.... And when she pressed the bump, the pus go=
ne out by the inside the mouth by a little hole on the gum close to the bro=
ken fang. When we saw the XRay, we saw nothing bad. All seemed ok. The bate=
ria entered by the hole of the broken fang. Nahum broken this fang when he =
was just 1 year old. The time doesn't matter an infection can happen later.=
(I have saw many times other vet for this fang, because I was afraid, but =
nothing bad was found) Also there was another problem with the blood test t=
hat she took on the first consultation.That show that the level of creatine=
is too high. That means that there was blood on the kidneys... Perhaps bec=
ause the infection, fever, or something with his bad last ulcer. (Nahum had=
a bad ulcer in January 2006, follewd by an hernia after the surgery). Beca=
use that, in first on the morning she gave him an oral medication for prote=
ct his organs, and 1 hour later an injection of antiacid, and wait yet, and=
give him an injection at 1:15 pm for relax... all the time Nahum was with =
me. After that was time for the surgery near 3:30... near 4:00 the vet wit=
h another vet who is french,show me the Xray and talk about remove the br=
oken fang. I said yes... In the same time she said to me that all was ok, N=
ahum was very fine... I was very happy, and finally take a book and take my=
oxygen... So more late the 2 vets came to see me, and explain to me that =
Nahum have problem with his heart.... but he was fine ... but I see all dar=
k as my Light was off.The pus was send for analysis.Dr [first vet mentione=
d] left at 6:30 p.m. it was another vet Dr [a third vet] who checking Nahu=
m, and checking him again before to leave and go home for the night.She gav=
e to Nahum a hot thing (put in microwave) for put in the carrier. All ladys=
here are so carreful, and gentle. Also because his to high level of creati=
ne, she wouldn't give to Nahum too much medication for pain in the same tim=
e and cause damage with something.I have came back yesterday morning at 9:3=
0 a.m. for an injection of morphin and the vet took a sample of blood for t=
est the sugar. Another check up at 1:00 p.m. ... the vet open again a littl=
e the skin on the face for make sure all the pus gone. When she putted dist=
yled water in the cut, the water passed trought inside the mouth by the lit=
tle hole on the gum.Nahum'S face was very very bloody, but today, it is all=
better. For the broken fang... she said we will see how Nahum heals, how t=
hat will be, perhaps in 2 weeks, remove it... But I am so AFRAID to lost hi=
m because his poor poor little heart. His heart is pure as diamond but frag=
ile as a crystal.I have ask the question if the infection was the cause of =
the heart problem.That can be, but it isn't on the top of the list of cause=
s.If it was a problem because the infection, I have understand that Nahum w=
ould had also an heart murmure too, but he didn't.If Nahum heals about his =
infection, the heart will not be more strong. The cause may be a combinais=
on of things, as the mix of the oxygen and gaz, or with the relaxation inje=
ction,... the 2 ... the 3 ... It is difficult to know .. and for me it was =
difficult a little for understand because I am french, and the Dr english, =
and I am not a vet, and I am so nervous too. Now for the broken fang. I sa=
id that I am too afraid for another anestesia... I have ask for put a "Cap"=
... She said yes it a possibility to put acrylic on the fang, for no more b=
acteria can enter. Also she tell me about a root canal too. But in all the =
cases they needs to anestesis Nahum.... Also she thinks that to put acrilyc=
will take less time, also less risk.Now all anestesia can be a risk. Now f=
or the heart. She can pass electro, and all the tests that I forgive the na=
mes, "CCI" or something like thatShe tell me about an ultrason, but again N=
ahum will need an anestesia because for not to move... and I don't like thi=
s option. In the last, Dr thinks that Nahum has an ulcer again, or somethi=
ng wrong.I know I have nothiced since a wile that nahum made bad poops, all=
darky and shiny, but with baby food Lamb all seems to be better.She gave m=
e a new medication ... : famoditine : 0.15cc once a day for 21 days. Also =
Nahum as Sulcrate 0.35cc every 12 hours.And Amoxi 0.35 cc every 12 hours. W=
e have another appointement monday at 10:50 am.Thank you so much for read m=
e and for help with advices, or if you tink about some questions that I nee=
d to ask to Dr, Thanks...Marie-Agn=E8s & Nahum =

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